APCSP Create Performance Task

This is a summary of the task, rely on the Course Description (pg 111, 118 in the pdf) for specifics.


Develop a program on a topic that interests you or one that solves a problem.


  • It is strongly recommended that a portion of your program involve some sort of collaboration with a fellow student.
  • Either way, you are required work independently on a significant portion on both the planning and development portions of the programming process.

Program Requirements

  1. Choose a language with which you are familiar and/or can use to demonstrate your programming skills
  2. Iteratively design, implement, and test your program
  3. Use several integrated mathematical and logical concepts
  4. Implement an algorithm that incorporates or utilizes other algorithms, and integrates the mathematical and logical concepts described above
  5. Develop and use abstractions that help manage the complexity of the program (e.g., procedures, abstractions provided by the chosen language, APIs)

Components to be Submitted

  1. Video of program
    • Not to exceed one minute in length or 30mb
    • .mp4, .wmv, .avi, or .mov format
  2. Written Responses
    • Not to exceed 750 words, excluding the program code
    • Must be a pdf
    • Answer the questions provided in the APCSP Course Description
  3. Program Code
    • Copy and paste in code to your pdf
    • Make sure it is readable.
    • Mark the segments as described in the APCSP Course Description

Submitting Project

More info to come.