APCSP Explore Performance Task

This is a summary of the task, rely on the Course Description (pg 108, 115 in the pdf) for specifics.


Select and investigate a computational innovation that

  • has had or has the potential to have significant beneficial and harmful effects on society, economy, or culture
  • consumes, produces, and/or transforms data
  • raises at least one data storage concern, data privacy concern, or data security concern


  1. Research your innovation topic with a variety of sources (at least 3 need to be cited)
    • Two of these sources must be available online, third can be online, print, or personal interview with an expert on your topic.
    • At least two sources must have been created within the last 6 months
  2. Create a Computational Artifact that demonstrates understanding of the topic
    • Can be a program, website, graphic design

Components to be Submitted

  1. Artifact
    • A PDF of the artifact, or a video of the program or website running, must be submitted. The PDF cannot be more than 3 pages, and the video cannot exceed one minute in length. Check the Course Description for file size and type restrictions.
  2. Written Responses
    • Answers to questions provided in the APCSP Course Description beginning on page 108 (115 of PDF) must be submitted, the document (excluding References section) must not exceed 700 words.