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Falling Object Game

Create a falling object game. You character will move along the ground on bottom of the screen from side to side, trying to catch objects falling from the sky.

The character only moves left and right, using the keyboard.

The falling objects should all be created before the game starts, placed above the camera’s view, and set to inactive.

Use several Invoke statements in the GameManager Start function to activate the falling objects at different times. Like this:

Inside GameManager
// create a place to hold a falling object

FallingObjectController fallingObject1;

// create more Serialized Fields for more Falling Objects

void Start() {
  // activate your falling objects at different times
  // use different numbers if you like
  Invoke("activateFallingObject1", 2.5f);
  Invoke("activateFallingObject2", 3.7f);
  Invoke("activateFallingObject3", 4.3f);
  // etc...

// turn on the falling object after the given time

public void activateFallingObject1() {

// create more functions for the other falling objects

More Details

  • The objects will fall naturally if you do not disable the built in gravity.
  • There will be two types of falling objects:
    • A good one (supposed to be caught)
    • A bad one (supposed to be avoided)
  • Keep track of the player’s score by counting how many falling good objects he/she catches.
  • Change the sprite of the player for a short time when he/she catches a falling object.
  • The level ends if a player accidentally catches a bad object. Change the sprite for the player to something appropriate for losing, and display a losing message. Automatically restart the level 6 seconds later.
  • Falling objects should be removed from the game when they hit the ground or the player.
  • There should be at least 10 falling objects in the final game. You should test the game with a lot fewer, until those work - then add more.
  • Add sound effects for important actions
  • Add a menu