Final Project

Your team has decided to start a new restaurant! You need to get a lot of things done quickly to get the business off the ground.

  1. Choose a type for your new restaurant (What are you going to serve?)
  2. Decide on a name for your new restaurant
  3. Pick a theme/style for your restaurant, including color scheme. (What makes your restaurant unique? What is the experience like?)

After you have decided on the basic info for your restaurant, divide up the rest of the creative work for your team. You need to create the following promotional materials:

  • A logo and slogan, to be displayed on the other promotional materials.
  • A 30 second commercial to try to get customers in the door. It must be scripted and include the logo and slogan.
  • A sample menu with your food choices. It needs to fit the style and theme of your restaurant, and include the logo and slogan.
  • A 3D model of the restaurant building, including the kitchen, dining, entrance, parking and restrooms.
  • A website. It must include the menu, logo and slogan, commercial, and pictures of the 3D model, plus hours and images of the type of food you will serve.