MM1 Projects


Your team has been approached by Nike. Tired of the swoosh and the slogan “Just Do It”, they need a new marketing campaign. They are accepting bids for the new contract at the end of the week.

  • First, as a team, create a new slogan and a general idea for a new logo. Neither the slogan or the logo may be the same as those of an existing company. Google your slogan idea to make sure it is original.

  • Then, each team member should create their own version of the logo and slogan. All designing must be your own original work created in Illustrator.

  • Next, each team member should create a t-shirt design that prominently displays the logo and slogan, plus some other unique and creative design features that would make customers want to purchase the shirt.

  • Design both the front and back of the shirt. Use the template t-shirt below as a background image. Be sure to trace the outline of the image so the shirt is part of the vector drawing you create, then remove the image when you are done.

  • Finally, create an alternate color version of the same shirt.


Image courtesy

Turn In

All 4 illustrations must each be submitted in three versions, ai, svg, and png.

The png images for the t-shirts should be exactly 750x500 px. The size of your images for the slogan and logo might be slightly different if your design does not fit in that size rectangle, but stay as close to the same size as possible.

There should not be any other drawings in the files you submit, and the svg and png versions should not have excessive space around them.


1 Team Slogan
2 Individual Logo
3 T-Shirt Design
4 Alternate T-Shirt Design


Your team has been hired to star in a new Superhero movie. You must create a series of posters to promote the movie.

First, decide what the name of your team of Superheroes will be.

Next, each person should create an idea for a new, unique Superhero. You may not use an existing character! Superheroes need the following things:

  • At least one Super power
  • A Superhero name
  • A real name
  • A background story

Next, individually create 2 promotional posters showing off your hero.

  1. Your hero’s everyday persona.
  2. Your hero in costume and using their super-power.

Both posters should display relevant info, like the character’s name and the movie’s title.

Finally, together create a final group poster showing off all of the team’s characters.

Turn In

All posters must be submitted in two versions, jpg (or png) and psd.

The jpg (or png) images for the posters-shirts should be either 1200 x 900 px or 900 x 1200px, depending on if they are designed in landscape or portrait.

Both posters have to demonstrate a solid understanding and use of Photoshop layers, blending modes, effects, and filters.


1 Alter ego poster
2 Superhero poster
3 Team poster

Video Editing

Your team has been hired to make a new documentary movie.

First, choose an issue related to school life that students have strong, but differing, opinions about.

Next, design a series of interview questions about this topic. Each group member must contribute one question. The questions must:

  • Be on topic.
  • Not be answerable with a very short sentence. You want people you interview to respond to your questions with interesting, thoughtful answers.

Next, film ten interviews of students in the hallway. When filming:

  • Have one only person act as the interviewer each time a student is interviewed.
  • Film the entire interview straight through without stopping. This is important. Do not stop filming in-between questions. Focus the camera on the student being interviewed.
  • Do your best to get the student being interviewed to give good answers. Ask follow-up questions if they are hesitant, but do not put words in their mouths.
  • Always film in landcape, not portrait orientation.

Next, film the interview questions being asked directly into the camera. Each group member should ask one question.

Finally, individually create your own version of a documentary video about your interview topic. The final video should:

  • Start with an introduction of the topic and why it is important to you and others.
  • Include stock footage and/or sound effects relevant to the topic.
  • Have each question asked during the interview in this format:
    • The question being asked once into the camera (or in voice over)
    • Every (interesting) answer to that question from your interviews
  • Have titles and transitions
  • Finish with a summary of what students at Vista think about the topic

Special Effects

3D Modeling

Your team has been hired to create the architectural design for a new high school in Douglas County. The school board wants the new school to meet the needs of 1,000 modern students, and money is no object.

First, decide what features your school will have. Think about:

  • What do students need from a school?
  • What do students want from a school?
  • Why would parents want to send their kids to your school?
  • Why would teachers want to work at your school?

Next, create a plan for dividing up the design work amongst your group. Assign sections/portions of the school to each person.

Next, individually create your part of the school. Make sure the overall design is consistent between everyone. Every room of the school must be created, with some props and all walls, floors, and ceilings must have textures applied.

Finally, assemble your plan in one model design.

Web Design

Your team has been hired to build a new website for an existing Mountain Vista club, organization, or class. The new website needs to be useful and informative for users, with all relevant information easily accessible. Each team member must contribute one page to the final design. All of the pages must link to each other. Use all of your existing html and css knowledge to make the website great.